On the Space Age…and beyond

N-1 Moon Rocket and Energia-Buran

I don’t know whether many other Entrepreneurs share my point of view on this, but I think that the Space Age (usually identified between the ‘57 and today) is one of the most inspiring historical times. It all started as a competition between two super-powers aiming to prevail on each other in leaving an historical footprint in mankind. Cool. Entrepreneurial!

Well, as you know there’s a lot of media buzzing about the last flight of the Space Shuttle. A sad day indeed. Without the Shuttle there would not be the International Space Station, for example.

I strongly believe that economical benefits to the world coming from the Space Adventure are at least two: 

1) Technological: self-explanatory. How many new technologies borrowed from space actually opened entire new businesses on Earth?

2) Inspirational for every business: we should always remember that the computer we are working with - even the crappiest - is HUGELY much more powerful than the one that led U.S. Astronauts on the moon back in ‘69. So wait a second….wasn’t it the will of man to lead ultimately to these great achievements? Overcoming every struggle and use every bit of the small resource you had? We have loads of resources and open know-how everywhere on the palm of our hands. Why can’t we try to aim to greatness? Sure there is crisis, but how many other crisis have been there before?

Last but not least Space Age involves directly the three Countries we are talking about in this blog.

In US we have now the first true Space privatization ever, finally with true entrepreneurial plans to set out a new example on space exploration fueled by true business results.

In China space is still “used” by the government to give the people something to be proud about; What they did so far isn’t game changing in itself. But could be a game changer for the people of China which by looking at their space exploration era might start believing that they can change a lot on Earth too.

In Italy…just a bit of trivia: did you know that  50% of the entire walkable surface of the International Space Station is made in Italy? That the main load/unload modules of the Space Shuttle were all made in Italy as well? And the list goes on to the gauges of several Mars explorers satellites and several avionics on loads of satellites. Not so bad for a declining country which is drifting away due to many structural problems that really affect business. And yet there we are. 

As Entrepreneur I cannot stop looking at what Space Age stands for: doesn’t matter how short resources are, how crippled is the historical period we are leaving in. We all got the chance to leave a huge footprint on humanity with our ideas.

Oh yeah, I forgot! For those of you that might not know about it, that one in the picture is not a Space Shuttle…it’s a Buran Energia… Google it!

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